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Imperium_Audiobook by Francis Parker Yockey

Imperium_Audiobook by Francis Parker Yockey IMPERIUM: The Philosophy of History and Politics Much has been said already about this unique an...

Imperium_Audiobook by Francis Parker Yockey

IMPERIUM: The Philosophy of History and Politics

Much has been said already about this unique and disturbing book, but this much is reasonably certain: A thousand times more is yet to be said.

Imperium is the first sequel the literary world knows to Spengler’s monumental The Decline of the West.

In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted— he defines and creates the pathology of Culture in all of its infinitely urgent importance, including the discipline of Cultural Vitalism.

Imperium rejects the Nineteenth Century: the parched fossils of its thought—Marx, Freud and the scientific-technical world outlook; its exhausted political nostrums— the pluralistic state, liberalism, democracy, communism, internationalism; all of which fail to satisfy the organically vital realities of politics.

Imperium presents unique and almost esoteric political, social and historical definitions and explanations which shall become more widely known—indeed, commonly understood—if our West survives.

Imperium is probably the first book to advocate European unification—to dogmatically predict it—in terms other than the crassly materialistic.

Imperium is the first comprehensive and profoundly constructive alternative to the Marxist-liberal degeneracy surrounding us.

Imperium is the creation of a man who believed in his Destiny—and in this book—so thoroughly that he became a martyr to it.

Imperium is written with a dramatic style and flair for expression seldom encountered even in novels.

Yet rising above all else is the simple fact that in Imperium a creative genius has given the world something new: A fourth dimension of intellect and a new concept of spirituality. Imperium heralds the dawn of a new day of Faith.

Among all books, therefore, Imperium has a distinct status. Hardly a man alive will agree with all it contains, yet will not find his personal horizons extended by the reading of it.

The original two volumes are here combined, unabridged, into one, with a brilliant Introduction by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver.


THIS BOOK is different from other books. First of all, it is only in form a book at all. In reality, it is a part of the life of action. It is a turning-point in European history, a late turning point, but a real one. There is nothing original in the content of this book, the book itself only is original. The craze for originality is a manifestation of decadence, and the decadence of Europe is the ascendancy of the Barbarian.

This is the first of a line of works — the political literature of Europe. Heretofore all political works on the imperative side have been addressed to one nation of Europe alone. Among other things, this book marks the end of Rationalism. It does not bring it about — not books but only the advance of History can accomplish anything of that sort — it merely rings its funeral knell. Thus the imperative side of Life returns to its pristine source, the will-to-power. Henceforth there will be no discussion of action in terms of abstract thought.

This is addressed to all Europe, and in particular to the culture-bearing stratum of Europe. It summons Europe to a world-historical struggle of two centuries’ duration. Europe will partake in this struggle either as a participant, or as the booty for marauding powers from without. If it is to act, and not merely to suffer in this series of gigantic wars, it must be integrated, and there is only one way this can occur. The Western Culture is suffering from disease, and the prolongation of this disease is the prolonging of Chinese conditions in Europe.

The word Europe changes its meaning: from now on it means the Western Civilization, the organic unity which created as phases of its life the nation-ideas of Spain, Italy, France, England and Germany. These former nations are all dead; the era of political nationalism has passed. This has not happened through logical necessity, but through the organic advance of the History of the West. It is this organic necessity which is the source of our imperative, and of the integration of Europe. The significance of the organic is that its alternatives are either to do the necessary or to sicken and die.

The present chaos — 1948 — is directly traceable to the attempt to prevent the integration of Europe. As a result, Europe is in a swamp, and extra-European forces dispose of former European nations as their colonies.

In this book are the precise, organic foundations of the Western soul, and in particular, its Imperative at this present stage. Either Europe will become totally integrated, or it will pass entirely out of history, its peoples will be dispersed, its efforts and brains will be at the disposal forever of extra-European forces. This is shown herein, not by abstract formulae and intellectualized theories, but organically and historically. The conclusions therefore are not arbitrary, not a subject for choosing or rejecting, but absolutely compelling to minds which wish to take part in affairs. The real author is the Spirit of the Age, and its commands do not admit of argumentation, and their sanction is the crushing might of History, bringing defeat, humiliation, death and chaos.

I condemn here at the outset the miserable plans of retarded souls to “unite” Europe as an economic area for purposes of exploitation by and defense of the Imperialism of extra-European forces. The integration of Europe is not a subject for plans, but for expression. It needs but to be recognized, and the perpetuation of nineteenth century economic thinking is entirely incapable here. Not trade and banking, not importing and exporting, but Heroism alone can liberate that integrated soul of Europe which lies under the financial trickery of retarders, the petty-stateism of party-politicians, and the occupying armies of extra-European forces.

The imperative integration of Europe takes the form of unity of People, Race, Nation, State, Society, Will — and naturally also — economy. The spiritual unity of Europe is there, its liberation will automatically allow the full blooming of the other phases of the organic unity, which all flow from the spiritual.

And thus, this book is a renewal of a war-declaration. It asks the traitors to Europe, the miserable party-politicians whose tenure of office is dependent upon their continued serviceability to extra-European forces, “Did you think it was over? Do you think that your misery and shame will remain securely forever on a world-stage which has seen true heroes upon it? In the war which you let loose, you taught men how to die, and thereby you have freed a spirit which will engulf you next, the Spirit of Heroism and Discipline. There is no currency that can buy this spirit, but it can overcome any currency.”

Lastly, this book is itself the first blow in the gigantic war for the liberation of Europe. The prime enemy is the traitor within Europe, who alone makes possible the starving and looting of Europe by the outer forces. He is the symbol of Chaos and Death. Between him and the spirit of the twentieth century is unremitting war.

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Streamien - Free Streaming Public Domain Audio book: Imperium_Audiobook by Francis Parker Yockey
Imperium_Audiobook by Francis Parker Yockey
Streamien - Free Streaming Public Domain Audio book
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